5 Reasons You Can’t Submit A Talk for Ignite San Diego

As you probably know, Ignite San Diego submissions are due Wednesday, April 6 at midnight. That’s two weeks from today, which means you have plenty of time to put together a great title (we can’t stress how important your title is!), 500 characters about your talk and 300 characters about you.


Right? No, because here are 5 things you think are standing in your way. Of course, these aren’t REAL reasons. These are just common myths, and we’re going to explain why they aren’t true.21851844474_57dbc8bac6_k

  1. I don’t have any public speaking experience. So what? Great! Even better, actually. Ignite talks are rigid, with exactly 5 minutes and exactly 20 slides. Throw in the fact that they auto-advance every 15 seconds and you definitely need to be on your game. So if your talk gets picked, you have to practice your talk. But that doesn’t mean you need to have any prior speaking experience. In fact, in our experience, experienced speakers sometimes think they can “wing it.” You can’t wing an Ignite talk. So, yes, speaking at Ignite will require time and practice. But no, speaking at Ignite does not require any previous speaking experience. But it is a great opportunity for your FIRST speaking experience — to get up on stage and speak for 5 minutes about something you really love.
  2. My job is boring, so I don’t have anything to talk about. This isn’t a corporate conference. Maybe you’re a lawyer Monday through Friday but on the weekends you’re becoming a certified skydive instructor. So, maybe the latter would make a slightly more interesting Ignite talk… Just saying.
  3. My interests are interesting to other people. Actually, the audience at Ignite probably doesn’t KNOW anything about your interests. The room at Ignite is about as heterogenous of an audience as you can get. We’re not congregating around a certain topic or interest. The only thing we all have in common is that we’re San Diegans. So even though all your friends share your interest, Ignite is a great opportunity to talk about what you love outside of a group of like-minded individuals. Open our horizons!
  4. I really love this one thing, but I’m not an expert. Not a problem! You don’t need credentials to be an Ignite speaker since this isn’t TED talks or a professional conference. Ignite is the perfect spot to talk about what you love, why you love it, how you discovered it (maybe you bought a Groupon? Or your passion moved in at your house. Or you did it for love.) Tell us YOUR story. 
  5. I don’t have time to put a whole presentation together by Wednesday, April 6. Good news, you don’t need to submit a presentation. Or a video. Just fill out this form with your Title, Description (500 characters) and Bio (300 characters). If your talk gets picked, you’ll attend a mandatory speaker training session here we’ll go over how to put your slides together, how to develop your talk and all the other details you need to know.

Ok, so you’re out of excuses. Join us on stage on Thursday, May 19 at the San Diego Museum of Art. But first, you’ll need to get on over to our submit page and give us what you got by Wednesday, April 6 at midnight.

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