What’s the difference between Ignite and TED Talks?

While TED Talks tend to feature experts in different fields of study, Ignite showcases your neighbors, your peers, and members of your community sharing their passions, stories and ideas. In addition, the format for Ignite is the same for everyone: 5 minutes, 20 slides advancing every 15 seconds.

How does this Ignite San Diego differ from the Ignite San Diego I attended as part of Tech Week?

If you’ve attended Ignite San Diego as part of Tech Week in the past, congratulations! You’ve had a taste of how much fun Ignite events can be. This Ignite San Diego will expand beyond just the tech community and provide an opportunity for more of the community to get involved – all industries, interests and hobbies are welcome! Consider this Ignite…re-Ignited!

Is there a restriction on topics for talks?

Nope! No theme, no restrictions and no limits. You finally found a platform for your hobbies in underwater basket weaving and Civil War stamp collecting. Let your passion shine through. Just keep it PG-13.

If my company sponsors Ignite, do we automatically get a speaking spot?

Unfortunately, no. We believe in a separation of “church and state,” so the talks will be 100% selected by our committee and based on content. You do have the opportunity to tell your story through video, which kicks off the event. For more information, see our Speaker page and Sponsor page.

If my company sponsors, do we get to help decide the talks that are picked?

Nope! It’s important that we maintain a level of purity in the content, meaning the selection process is not hindered by the almighty dollar. Trust us, this will create an event that people want to attend again and again, and that’s better for your brand anyway.

Do I have to be a good speaker to participate?

Absolutely not! You just have to be willing to put in the time to create a presentation and be rehearsed.

I don’t want to speak, but would love to participate. How can I get involved?

Ignite is run completely by volunteers like you! You can join a committee or just volunteer the day of the event. Contact us at info@ignitesandiego.org to get involved today.

What’s the agenda like at Ignite?

6:00: Networking, enjoy a local band
6:30: First nine speakers
7:30: Intermission featuring another local band
8:00: Slideshow karaoke and second nine speakers
9:00: Event mixer with speaker tables and another local band

This sounds like a great PR opportunity for my company/brand. Can I pitch my product, service or company?

When you become a sponsor, you can submit a 60- or 30-second video to be played at the event. But as a speaker, you may not pitch any products or services. Those who violate this rule will be cut off mid-speech if necessary (how embarrassing!), so leave the sales pitch at home.

But what if my company, product or service is really cool?

Then you really need to become a sponsor! Sorry, no sales pitches for speakers.

Do I have to be able to attend the “Mandatory, No Excuses, 100% Required Speaker Workshop”?

YES. If selected to speak, you must be able to attend one of the two speaker workshops.