Ignite San Diego #6 Talk Teasers

We are exactly ONE WEEK from Ignite San Diego #6! Can you feel the excitement in the air? We sure can.

To help you get ready for the event and learn a little more about our speakers, we’ve asked them to provide teasers for their talks, allowing you to “peek behind the curtain” a little before next week. Enjoy!!

Everything I Need to Know About Life I Learned in a Dive Bar – Ellen Goodwin

Dive Bars, you either love them or hate them, but no matter what, they are microcosms of the world at large and as such they can teach us much about ourselves. So many people say “it’s a small world” but I believe it’s really just a big bar and we haven’t gone from one end of the bar to the other. And it’s that journey from end to end that teaches us so much about our lives and how we interact and live with other.

Oh, Chute! – Jan Lenhert

You know you want to do it. Yes, that quantum leap! Close your eyes if you must and just do the jump. I guarantee you will be rewarded with the most intense experience of your life.

Challenging Myths, Misconceptions, and Stereotypes About Polyamory – Selena Isela

Polyamory questions our defaults and challenges our definitions of intimate relationships. Starting with a crash course in polyamory, followed by direct challenges to the top myth, misconception, and stereotype about polyamory, I hope to provide clarification and increase awareness.

The Walking Dead—Homeless in San Diego – Lee Silber

Surprise! You can learn a lot of valuable lessons from the homeless in San Diego. I left the comfort of my beach house to live ON the beach with only a few dollars in my pocket. The idea was to learn what life on the streets to write the main character for my new novel. However, the experience changed me in profound ways I never expected.

EchoThief – Chris Warren

Every physical space responds distinctly to sounds created within. EchoThief is a virtualized collection of these unique sonic signatures: Alaskan glacial caves, subway tunnels, and abandoned artillery batteries. Let’s take a moment and listen to the spaces around us.

What I Learned About Love After Putting My Mom on Match – Sarah Elizabeth Richards

When my Mom called me sobbing to say she was divorcing my stepdad, she said she was through with love. “Who will want me at age 61?” she asked. So I secretly created a Match profile to prove her wrong. What followed was a feeding frenzy of suitors that made me rethink my beliefs that love is hard to find after a certain age. I’ll draw upon what I learned writing an advice column for eHarmony for the past three years and jumping into the San Diego dating pool after spending 15 years in Manhattan.

Some Assembly Required – Jillian Bukoski

I am a 22 year old with a “crippling disability.” Luckily I have had the opportunity to reinvent being disabled for the last two years. From climbing mountains to falling down rock faces I have taught disabled people to live with no excuses.

Don’t Believe You’d Pay a Woman Less? Here’s What You’re Missing – Kristen  Knepper

A male friend told me that he didn’t believe women made $.77 on the dollar. When I asked why, he told me he’d never pay a woman less and failed to believe anyone else would either. Not intentionally. But math doesn’t lie. So what is he (and maybe you) not considering?

Diversity and the Rez – Paula Curtiss

In their college applications,three best friends from North County are required to submit photos depicting their community’s diversity. As they scramble up mountains and down canyons, they encounter scenes from their community’s history as well as from their three families; one white, one Latino, one Native American. Small town North County meets Bill & Ted and they all apply to college.

What I Learned From Bike Pedals, Flat Tires and My Dog Ferris – Adrian Ortiz

In 2014 I earned my Master’s Degree, quit my corporate job, sold my beach condo, separated from my wife and cycled from Ocean Beach California to Key West Florida, with my dog. After five months and 4,500 miles of varying weather, mechanical breakdowns, colorful humans and a mushroom trip in Mexico, I discovered important life lessons that can be summed up using pedals, park benches and my dog Ferris. This is a story about saying yes to life and all of its rolling hills.

Emergency Beard Syndrome – What Happens When the World Can’t Process Your Beard? – Daniel Axelrod

How does the world react when a man has a beard down to his chest? Find out how men & women treat a man differently for each inch his beard grows… and what that means for identity and masculinity overall.

#FacebookOffish – Mia Mian

Ever tried learning something new in business? Chances are you heard the phrase “Oh that? Well, it’s like dating.” If everything in life is like dating, what does that mean as millennial’s change the norms, values, and expectations of dating as an institution?

How 175 Grams of Plastic Changed My Life – Kyle Olson

It’s rare to run into someone that isn’t familiar with a frisbee. It’s even more rare to run into someone who IS familiar with the sport of Ultimate Frisbee. Ultimate has been recognized by the International Olympic Committee and is one of the fastest growing sports around the world, yet remains obscure. Millions of people play Ultimate in youth leagues, high school and college teams, clubs and even professional leagues. In fact, San Diego’s pro team the Growlers just began their second season!

Explore San Diego with Childlike Wonder – Andy Bayon

Remember what it felt like as a kid spending time outside climbing trees, finding a trail that led you on an adventure, capturing frogs and collecting shells? I will talk about how to reconnect with our sense of childlike excitement and wonder, and why America’s Finest City is the perfect place to be inspired by nature. Through the lens of your five-year-old self, discover all there is to see and do in San Diego’s three climate zones. Get ready to add some hidden gems to your adventure list!

Locally Grown Politics – Michael Higham

We empower politicians by using our right to vote, but at the national level we are by and large skeptical and wary of those seeking office. However, right here in our streets of San Diego we can see and feel the changes our local and state officials make. When go out to vote, we cannot overlook the candidates and issues down the ballot that determine how our city thrives.

Gratitude Gorilla vs Guerrilla Gratitude? – Matthew Baker

WTF? Gratitude gorilla is easy. It’s the 800 pound gorilla in the room. If he’s your friend, (house, car, health, relationship, etc.). Really easy to be grateful. If shit goes sideways (hot water heater blows out, you get stranded on the freeway) a little harder right? Guerrilla gratitude. Small things. The things we take for granted. The air in our tires, the electricity that comes out of the plugs in our walls, and more.

Monsters In My Closet: A Life Bringing Horror to San Diego – Miguel Rodriguez

I spend my life, money, and energy exploring and presenting horror cinema to the public. Why is this so important to me? The reasons may surprise you.

I Want to Change Your Problems into Pinatas – Krista Wright

As a sensitive young artist and human being I understand how hard life can be sometimes. There is one thing that gets me by though, and it is the idea that these huge monstrosities that life throws at me are just piñatas. That’s right piñatas!

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